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  • Stacey Darling

Because Yellow Makes Me Happy

I found this sweet little secretary desk on OfferUp for $25. It was in nearly perfect condition and I couldn't pass up those gorgeous legs! I had just received a box of Wise Owl goodies from one of my retailer girlfriends so I decided to transform this little lady using all Wise Owl products.

After a thorough cleaning, light sanding and another wipe down, I wanted to get started right away which meant I would be working in the house with my littles running around and wanting to "help." Because of this, I chose to prime using Wise Owl's water-based stain-blocking primer in clear. I snuck in one coat after the boys went to bed and one in the morning while the boys ate breakfast. I waited the recommended four hours before I started the fun part.

I knew as soon I saw this piece that I wanted to paint her in all yellow. The color yellow makes me happy so I try to keep it in the rotation. When I saw that gorgeous muted yellow in my goodie box, there was no turning back.

Two coats of Wise Owl Beeswax later and I was staring at a ray of sunshine. I lightly distressed around the edges and places it would naturally wear over time.

For added character and charm, I added redesign with Prima transfer, "Delicate Fleur."

Because I'm a mamma trying to grow my own small business, I always like to support other moms and small businesses when I can. For that reason, I always purchase my Wise Owl products from Melissa, owner of Vintage Keiralie. She is a homeschooling mother of 4 who is doing the darn thing! You can also make your purchase directly from Wise Owl Paint.

As always, with the greatest of love and gratitude,


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Wise Owl products. Just one mama supporting another mama. 💛

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