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  • Stacey Darling

Be Brave

Yesterday I battled severe anxiety throughout the day. I admittedly have good days and bad days when it comes to my struggle with anxiety.

My battle with anxiety and bouts of depression from time to time is one of the reasons I stopped blogging and sharing. I felt like I was a being a hypocrite for not being able to combat it and walk fearlessly in faith.

But I believe what God has been revealing to me, and perhaps why He has been tugging at me to write and share again, is not because I’m perfect but because I am flawed...

The expectation is not perfection. For me personally, the message has always been to continue growing and maturing in my faith according to Biblical principles and the model Jesus left for us. This is a personal belief and choice for me. I respect that everyone has their own journey and beliefs but for me, this is where my heart is and what guides me in my daily life and choices.

The message that has always resonated the strongest with me is love. Being a beacon of love and kindness because the power in love is limitless and can transform lives, communities, and generations.

There is such great power in love. I see it when I love on my boys and my husband and I see it in much greater depths when many gather together in love.

Every single day, sometimes by the moment, I have to decide to be brave because anxiety is scary. It just is.

Today I woke up and made the decision I would be brave. It started with sharing this post and being transparent.

Today I encourage you to choose to be brave, to walk in love and to spread kindness.

With Love & Gratitude,


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