• Stacey Darling

Faith, Family and Furniture

It has been hot here in the Phoenix

desert so I say YES to popsicles before noon!

On another note, there is something I have wanted to open a dialogue about with my friends and followers and today I'm feeling a bit of courage so here it goes.

On this site, I have openly shared my testimony, my journey in faith (stumbles, heartbreak and all) but at some point, I feel like I lost my courage, my confidence and I also admittedly allowed the spirit of comparison to grab hold of me. I haven’t been able to share since.

I have been feeling a tug lately to start sharing again. This tug combined with the daily messages I receive requesting prayer, looking to engage in fellowship, asking me for some mamma tips, support and advice, and all things furniture - I feel like it’s time.

I want to open my blog up to more of who I am and hit on all of these topics - Faith, Family and Furniture - a bit of rebranding.

Maybe no one will visit or maybe it will touch and change one person’s heart which makes it all worth it.

I have always found myself in roles of teaching, counseling, encouraging, giving, and being a support in some way. I still have that urge and that desire but being a full-time mom of three little boys (6,4,2) and one on the way makes it tricky to pour into others as I’m often left empty after long days of momming.

Writing has always been a way for me to connect with others, provide support, and also act as a bit of a personal journal.

I’m not incredibly tech savvy so I’m still building and stumbling in regards to building this forum so I ask for your grace while you are here. But it is a place where you can access my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and dare I say wisdom in some areas.

As I said I’m a busy mamma who wears many hats but when the Lord leads you, you obey. This post is my first step in obedience to that tug I’ve been feeling in my spirit.

This is only the first step toward obedience. I will share more as I am led. I ask for your patience as I wait on Him to lead me but am always open to your feedback.

As always, I thank you for your continued love, support, encouragement, and guidance.

With Love and Gratitude,


p.s. I have no plans on stopping the creative train I have been riding. I still plan to paint the world beautiful, one furniture piece at a time. Stay tuned 💛